Investment Strategy

The Idea Fund partners with startups at the earliest stages.  We will invest in companies before a first sale, or even before a first product.  We help entrepreneurs develop their plan to achieve profitable growth, and we work every day to help you get there.


Our investment approach is known as “Money for Minnows,” and has been applied successfully by Kegonsa Capital Partners.  The strategy promotes new company formation by spreading venture capital across diverse technologies, industries, and locations throughout Wisconsin.  We invest for the long term, and we reserve significant capital for follow on funding.



Sector focus


We believe great businesses can be founded to solve problems in any industry.  Our network includes experts in a broad range of sectors, including information technology, health care, engineered products, agriculture, education and financial services.  


Why we invest in Wisconsin


We are deeply passionate about supporting entrepreneurs in Wisconsin.  People here are hard-working, innovative and have a strong sense of humility.  We also benefit from outstanding institutions of higher education, sophisticated anchor employers and a great quality of life.  Together, these resources provide the environment for a successful startup ecosystem.  When brought together, the result will be strong businesses, good jobs and more vibrant communities.

Let's talk!

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